Free Lunch Cafe is for you, our neighbors and friends! We want to offer you a community friendly meeting place where a light lunch is provided along with coffee, tea and dessert.

This Free Lunch will be just that. Can you imagine a place, to come and have a lunch and a place to rest for just a small amount of time. With that in mind, we will not be asking for any type of payment for the food.

What is the free lunch cafe' ? it is a place where we at city gate, invite people into the prayer room and offer a free lunch as well as relationship and prayer.

Each month we serve around 150 lunches to neighbors, friends and homeless, just becasue we want to.

How can you be involved? well, you can 'purchase a pound'. that means purchase a pound of lunch meat and drop off at city gate for us to turn into sandwiches.? or you can donate the $5 it cost to 'purchase a pound' of lunchmeat.

You can also be a financial partner. that would be donating to city gate $10 a month, to purchase the meal and all the things that go with packing lunches.