We value each and every person who feels the call to serve in prayer, serving coffee or just being a 'gatekeeper' which is just being in the prayer café and prayer room to offer a place where people can come and rest, have coffee and begin a organic discipleship building relationship.

PRAYER TEAM: They volunteer their time because they believe in the power of prayer to change the city, its people and the region. They serve anywhere from one hour watches to as many as they want.

MISSION TEAM: They began their journey at The Prayer Room as prayer staff, and now serve full time in The Prayer Room. What does that look like? It would be comparable to a part time job, serving in the Prayer Room around 20 hours, all volunteer time or by raising mission support.

LEADERSHIP TEAM: This would be a day to day running of the prayer room, serving as director, organizing, helping oversee prayer staff and mission staff. Being full time in the Prayer room. At this point, still volunteer, raising support for yourself as needed.

The Prayer Cafe' and the Prayer Room can only stay open by financial partners like you. We pray that you consider being part of the watchman on the walls for Lancaster City, County and Region !!

if you would like an application or more information, please contact us at info@citygatelancaster.com


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