The Prayer Cafe

Creating an atmosphere for relationship

As Staff of the prayer room in the city we are often challenge with how to more effectively reach outside of our surroundings to meet needs of those we see. We felt like God was telling us that sometimes if you want to see something new, you have to do something new and then He downloaded the vision for the Prayer Café, which utilizes the space we are in, but really, adds to it.

We are creating a Prayer Cafe' to serve the free lunch and offer free coffee and items other times - but we need your help to make it possible. Your table donation will help serve the community a place to rest and refresh as well as help us build relationship and discipleship.


What if friends, churches or youth groups "purchased" a table. What does that look like ? You actually "buy" the table for a donation of $100, and then we place it in the Prayer Cafe. You begin to pray for the people that would sit there, the ones who are hungry, hurting and broken. You begin to pray blessing over all those who sit at your table. Will you help us ?