City Gate Columbia?!

Create the Gate!

We have this amazing and rare opportunity to begin a third location of City Gate, in Columbia. City Gate Columbia will over over 4000 square feet of usable space for prayer, mission and justice.

Imagine a place in Columbia that will host times of prayer for the city, for the end of drug addiction, for our nation. A place that will be a mission center for the hungry, hurting and broken. A place that is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We envision a place where we are part of the community during Fourth Friday, where arts and shops are featured, being a stop for people to 'create the gallery' by offering space to come in a paint using watercolors.

We envision a place where people can come and be encourage through discipleship to end addictions.

We envision a place where City Ground Coffee is served, in a creative and inspiring atmosphere for the arts, worship and prayer.

Can you see it?

We will also be looking for quality furniture such as leather sofa and chairs, cafe tables and chairs, coffee makers and servers.

Would you be willing to commit to partnering with us to see Columbia become a place by the river where people gather to pray, heal and create?

Will you help Create the Gate?

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