Midweek Musings

I am just sitting here, pondering the past eleven years.  Yep - 11 !  We have been ministering through City Gate since it began in 2007, with a dream and a vision. Fast forward to today, where we have three locations, Lancaster, Ephrata and Columbia and I am just amazed.  Over the past decade +1, the hours of prayer and worship, the thousands of lunches prepared and given away, coats, blankets, hugs and smiles. What a blessings to just do what God speaks to you.

It hasn't been easy or hard. It hasn't been all joy or heartache. It has been love. It has been an act of love. Loving God and loving others.

We are so blessed be each and every one of you, that has been part of our journey, through prayer, donation and financial.  It does take finances and budgets to have three locations, leases, insurances, utilities and we are so thankful.  We do currently have a need for financial partners and donations for our Ephrata location and we would appreciate your prayerful consideration for that need.

We are looking forward to a great season of prayer, mission and justice at all our locations, as well as our equipping at The School of Prayer in Feb. 2019.

Blessings to you!

Brian & Kim



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